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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  December 5, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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at top of the show legendary actress kirstie alley died at the age of 71 following a short patle with cancer, an emmy winner immensely talented beautiful soul kind heart, she had been on this program before. and we wish her and her family, they're in our thoughts and prayers and all the best. unfortunately that's all the time we have left this evening. let not your heart be troubled. laura ingraham is standing by with a kick ass show. >> laura: she gave us so much humor and comedy she was a blessing and that whole cast was a bless to our country when we needed to laugh and be entertained and there was no politics in any of it. >> sean: imagine that. >> laura: that was the golden age of tv and she will be missed. we have comic relief on the hill, that's for sure, but we're going to pick it up where you left off hannity awesome show. >> sean: have a great show laura. >> laura: i'm laura ingraham this is the ingraham angle from washington tonight. the most wonderful crime of the
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year, a's the focus of tonight's angle. given that republicans are going to take control of the house in, what, a month or so? s it's obscene to think congress is going to make major legislative changes before pelosi has to give up the gavel but as we warned you last week democrats are going to try to take advantage of the few weeks remaining to ram through as of sweeping changes as possible. in one of the most cynical swampy manners possible they want to sneak legislation through under the holiday rush and trumped up shut down. failure to act on the national defense authorization act and op nah bus spending bill puts us at a strategic disadvantage. if the current budget extends beyond december we may be forced to reduce and hampering our ability to recruit personnel.
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were there any policy until the biden administration that could have led to a recruiting crisis in our military. >> secretary austin's been very clear that he opposes the appeal of the vaccine mandate and the president actually con curse with the secretary of defense. he continues to believe that all americans, including those in the armed forces should be vaccinated and boosted for covid-19. >> laura: and boosted. and another excuse we've heard is that we need more spending to keep up with inflation. well, i don't know how much time they need to spend on the irony behind that argument but it seems the pressure from the white house and pentagon is resonating with some senate republicans. >> i just finished a meeting with the republican leader about finding a constructive path forward to keep the government funded next fiscal year. going to continue negotiations until we get the job done on funding the government. both sides recognize the importance so now both sides
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must chart a path forward together. >> laura: oh. chart a path forward. now, that line may work in a nicholas sparks movie but it's no way to run a government. the only ones who are optimistic here are the lobbyists and the consultants for big business. voters may not have given republicans majority in the senate but they certainly didn't vote for stealth giveaways either. this defense bill will be so long and released so late few members will read it and even fewer tally up all the ways but breitbart discovered something inside it the journalism competition and preservation act in the national defense authorization act. it will allow media companies most owned by wealthy conglomerates to secure negotiating cartels to secure special favors from big tech companies including financial handouts and goes from bad to worse. the marijuana lobby thank you john boehner also gets a huge
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financial boost in the bill. no more government prohibitions on banking and doing business with banks with cannabis related businesses. >> i'm co-sponsor of the safety banging act which would allow financial institution to offer banking to legally operate cannabis businesses without fear of punishment from government agencies. >> laura: don't think they haven't planned this all along. staff at the hill and the white house have been working on all of this nonsense for probably most of the last year. take what happened last week when french president emmanuel macron visited the white house. who in his right mind actually thinks the biden team didn't know what he was going to say in protest about the maid in america provisions in that so-called inflation reduction act. there were certain subsidies that were supposed to be eligible for american companies or, if you had signed a free trade deal with the united states you would get subs disease in those cases. the e u does not qualify not an
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american company and doesn't have a trade deal with the united states but they still want the benefits. so when macron comes over to explain that european sports would be hurt biden did not stand up for american workers or american manufacturing. he immediately gave in and agreed that there would be glitches in the bill that would be fixed. by the way this is the bill that he appear the democrats had just campaigned on. >> make more cars and semi conductors in america, more infrastructure and innovation in america. >> i believe we can own the future of the automobile market. detroit is back, america's back. >> instead of rely on foreign supply chains let's make it in america >> laura: he didn't mean that at the time. so now instead of making america great again we're making france great again. meanwhile back on the hill the usual suspects in the gop are trying to pass legislation that you don't want and again they didn't campaign on.
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fake republican senator thom tillis who has always railed against limits on foreign workers is working with democrat kyrsten sinema to finalized a permanent give away to companies who want as much cheap laborer as possible. you're supposed to believe till is out of his deep concern for the nation is working overtime to fix our current border woes. the washington post lays it on thick saying besides protecting two million dreamers the sinema and till is draft would allocate money for border security, the hiring of more officers and pay raises for agents. okay. this is a total lie. biden's dhs could be doing the border enforcement right now but of course they refuse to and instead waving in as many illegals into the country as possible. so negotiating with the white house on immigration now is like negotiating with a hostage taker. >> title 42 was lifted on may 23rdrd. what does success for your plan look like if it works as you
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intend? >> success looks like the orderly implementation of our plan, where we are applying our laws in accordance with their provisions in a way that respects individual's rights to claim asylum. >> laura: of course they're acting in bad faith. how else do you describe the actions of officials who actively subvert title 42, which you may remember, allowed for immediate border turn back because of the pandemic. remember biden still says we're in a national emergency because of the pandemic. and how many times, by the way, have they all told us that the border is secure? that's the best joke ever. the reality is they want open borders. period, end of story. the amnesty will come to two million dreamers, but that will just be a magnet and enforcement will never follow it will mean more illegals lining up on the rio grande. last month 73,000 gotta ways,
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illegals able to get into the united states without being apprehended, crossed the border. that is the highest number ever recorded. yeah, definitely do a deal with those guys. so for about 17 years now the bipartisan establishment has been trying to convince you that we need to weaken our immigration rules even further. >> we cannot build a unified country by inciting people to anger or playing on anyone's fears. or exploiting the issue of immigration for political gain. >> it is long past time to reform an immigration system that, right now, doesn't serve america as well as it should. >> the immigration reform is supported by everyone from labor unions to religious leaders to the u.s. chamber of commerce. let's get it done once and for all. >> laura: now your humble host has fought against this for most of the last 20 years. i warned the bush administration what would happen if they didn't follow through on enforcement, and look who's been forced out of politics since. the bushes, boehner, canter, liz
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cheyney, pat toomey and the list goes on and on and on. and this new proposal is no better than any of the others that crashed and burned. in fact, it's the worst because it comes at a time of unprecedented border crashing and whether we're in a recession now or will be certainly soon, that's terrible. and by the way, real wages are already falling in the united states. it's terrible timing. now they know you would vote against it if you could. yet they simply don't care. this cabal that hates the populous and hated the tea party knows where these immigration efforts will always end up if they're introduced in the regular legislative session. this is the reason for their hidden ball trick on amnesty right now. they know none of it's popular, that if they had to openly run on it it probably would have cost them the senate, the democrats. the democrats are hoping by the time 2024 rolls around you'll have forgotten all this run away spending immigration amnesty,
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eviscerating made in america, fast tracking pot use and ins slating the woke pentagon from scrutiny but we will not forget and that is the angle >> joining me now delighted he's with us house minority leader kevin mccarthy, great to see you tonight. now, the issue with washington in a lame duck session is what in your estimation. >> they try to do exactly what you said. when i listened to this this sounded like what i was saying to the president during my meeting last week. the vice-president actually brought up, she says, what can we do about the dreamers? i said nothing. you've got to secure theeredereder. i invited the president down to go to the border with me and he made the mistake and ask me what would i do. i rolled through everything because i was just there in el paso. you bring that number up of 70,000 in one overpass in seven weeks, 70,000 people have come across. one overpass. we don't control our border anymore. the cartels do. you can see tracers coming to our national guard. you can see a lady who didn't pay -- >> laura:. >> laura: they don't care though. >> they don't. >> laura: they do not care about
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this. >> no, but they're destroying our nation. because what is happening down there, you already have three million across. if they lift title 42, just in the next two years while he's in office, 13 million more people they project will come across. >> laura: you won't be speaker long if that happens. >> no i won't allow it. i told the president i was very clear from the very beginning. if he wants the ndaa i told him you have to lift the vaccine mandate on our military men and women. why? they're not meeting the recruitment goals because of this people are leaving. >> laura: judge should they be voting on this? why shouldn't they do short-term spending. >> that ace different. >> laura: the ndaa is the extra money they want. >> i want the democrats to vote on this and i want this to go in law. this is what's going to happen when we're in power. single subject. people won't be able to throw in pot funding and others. right now that's not in we're trying to hold it out. >> laura: are you talking to
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mitch mcconnell about this? he's so smart in so many ways did all the great judges but this op nah bus thing takes away your power for ten months. >> exactly. >> laura: you will have no effect on these critical issues, zero. >> we're 28 days from republicans having the gavel, we would be stronger in any negotiation. any republican trying to work with them is wrong. >> laura: does that include mcconnell. >> yes. why would you want to work on anything if we have the gavel inside congress? >> laura: you just won the house. >> yes. wait until we're in charge. i told the president, if we don't have a lifting in the vaccine, i'll do it in january. i told the secretary of defense, he had him call me just sunday night. >> laura: but do they kind of know people are moving away from the ask vaccine mandates? is that kind of a -- i know they said -- could this all be posturing and we're just playing theater here? >> no, they're not ant we want to put it in law. if we want it here we could put it everywhere else. >> laura: speaking of what that meeting with biden was like
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here's the story the president was telling. they're telling me what they could do and what they were going to do and i said yeah biden recalled demonstrating he responded to mccarthy by lifting his pen and showing it to the room. i said what are you doing. a pen a veto he said. what's your side of the story. >> he lifted up his pen because i said he's playing politics. and afterwards he came to me and said i wasn't trying to be political kevin i said you know what you want to do? you need to come to the border with me because right now the fentanyl killing our children or the millions coming across the people being human trafficked. i said you don't understand. >> laura: they do understand. they're not stupid. >> i requested they put the navy seals with theered boarder agents. they have border agents being process agents instead of being on the job. >> laura: the big question i've been getting pinged all day is this rnc leadership question because a lot of republicans are worried because they think, you know, glad they won the house and i a couple more seats look
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like they're picked up we're going to talk to john in a minute but who do you think should take over. i like 'rona mcdaniel, great person i love her, harmeet dhillon is a young female, california. obviously indian american. >> i like harmeet, she does a tremendous job but i think ron a did a tremendous job, too. when you look across the country. >> laura: you don't think you need change. >> every republican entity lost except the house. i've been four years, we won every time. >> laura: what about early voting on the senate races she could have helped on that. >> the one thing i see happening, the senate loss, the governor's loss, the president's loss, but the house has won in both cycles. we picked up in california. we picked up in oregon, we picked up in new york. we won five seats that biden won by more than ten points. we beat the d triple c chair. that hasn't in 42 years. i think the quality of the candidate matters.
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we could have done better in pennsylvania with a better governor candidate there, it cost us. but, look, i saw the reseniors sources, i saw the engagement in there and the rnc is a small group of individuals of committee within and committee women. >> laura: do you think it should be decentralized? she through that out last week. why base it in washington send it out to the heart land. >> we have to do that everyoner everywhere. we have to get out of washington. why is the department of energy in washington, what are they producing. >> laura: horrible. >> get it out to the american public let them understand. >> laura: will we continue to make progress a in california. california has to turn at one point. >> we won in congress in every single cycle. we won in la. we won three seats that biden carried by more than ten points. so we proved in the house we can win in every single place. the quality of the candidate matters. having the resources. >> laura: your message thom tillis, mcconnell, hold off. >> 29 days, can't you wait? because what will happen then
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is, you'll get a republican bill out of the house, you'll be in a stronger negotiation position and we'll be cutting instead of adding more money. >> laura: great to see you thank you for coming in tonight. >> thank you. >> laura: thank you leader mccarthy. republicans just picked up their 221 house seat as i just mentioned in one of the closest races in the country. farmer john dewarte beat newsome backed democrat by 556 votes but we'll take at this time. congressman elect, congrats as someone who comes from a district that is hurting, what do you think your constituents think of all this 11th hour back room deals that's happening, looks like it's happening in the senate before leader mccarthy takes over as speaker. what's your thought on that? >> more spending, more government control, no water on the farms, no domestic oil production. this all equals inflation. we ran on the high cost of living. we talked to working families up
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and down the district about the high cost of living. they're spending money on everything but curing the high cost of living and inflation. until it's more of the same i agree with kevin shut it down. >> laura: john, the problem here is, you guys won the house. everyone says not by as much -- yeah, okay, fine. but you won the house. mccarthy's about to come in and the republicans in the senate answer, not all of them, but answer is, let it's cut a deal with the democrats, cut mccarthy off at his knees, big, you know, middle finger to the base and they're like, gee i wonder why nobody's voting early or going door to door i wonder why we didn't win in pennsylvania or arizona or the governorship in michigan. and your message from agricultural land in beautiful california is? >> don't -- just stop. i stepped aside from my company, worked our butts off out here to get to congress. we don't need a deal made that
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cuts our knees out from us before we even get sworn in. we have a freshman class that came to make change in washington, dc. give us the chance to govern. we earned it. >> laura: 565 votes. i've got to say, when it's that close republicans don't usually win it. i guess boebert's the other one that has the close race but congressman elect we really appreciate you joining us. you joined us a week or so before the election we were rooting for you then. thank you so much. good luck to you >> elon musk's big twitter reveal we see a familiar name who was involved in russia gate. who is it? plus miranda devine has new details to share with us. so stay there. a big update. just in time for everyone who works. with other people. just in time for... ...more togetherness. just in time to say “oh, you bet we'll be there!” because the updated vaccines can now protect against
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both the original covid virus and omicron. and that's a moment... we've all been waiting for.
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♪ >> we see this as an interesting or a coincidence, if i may. twitter was so haphazardly would push this distraction. that is full of old news. it won't do anything to help a singer american improve their lives. and so, look, this is -- we see it as an interesting, you know, coincidence, and, you know, it's a distraction. >> laura: she's getting better at reading. but that's their best defense? it makes sense that they're
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rushing to sweep it all under the rug after we learned one familiar name was involved that was submerged in musk's kind of big reveal. james baker. no, not the former secretary of state. this baker. you may remember he was at the heart of the russia collusion hoax while general counsel for the fbi. there in 2016 he linked up hitman michael sus man with top fbi investigators. then, stay with me, in june of 2020, in the middle of that contentious presidential election, twitter conveniently announced that he was coming on board as deputy general counsel. now, in the scheme to suppress the new york post report about hunter's laptop about baker's desk, he claimed it was reasonable for twitter to assume the materials were hacked. of course, it was his former intel buddies who laundered that little narrative. it's important to remember that at no point did the post claim to obtain hacked materials. joining me now is miranda define
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new york post columnist fox news contributor author of laptop from hell and mike david president of the accountable project. miranda, a lot of people watching might kind of remember this baker character, but why is he important? come on, this is just a coincidence, right? so he goes to twitter's employment to the top executive. >> well, james baker was a good friend and ally of, of course, james comey. it was baker as the top lawyer at the fbi who wrote the memo that pre exonerated really hillary clinton. he was behind all the russia collusion hoaxes to try to get rid of donald trump. and in the end in 2018 christopher wray basically threw him out of that general counsel
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role and he shortly afterwards resigned. and he showed up at twitter strangely enough just five months before the 2020 election. and he was, of course, right in the center of the decision to censor the new york post. he, of course, you won't be surprised to know, was on the side of censorship, to err on the side of caution. >> laura: well, they also turned out, mike, to -- the fbi warned twitter, during these weekly meetings before the 2020 election, to expect hack and leak operations by state actors involving hunter and likely in october, according to that sworn declaration by twitter's former head of site ining the rally roth, how is that important. >> it is it's amazing we have these big tech platforms facebook twitter google colluding with the fbi, the government, to censor silence deplatform conservatives and others with whom they disagree
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including the oldest newspaper in america the new york post. it was this jim baker who happens to be the forest gump of all these scandals. he was the guy behind the russia collusion hoax with sussman and shows up at twitter and is the guy pushing the censorship of the new york post. >> laura: by the way miranda, he calls himself i guess a former republican now, this guy matt dowd, he's saying this was all kind of a good thing that twitter did this. watch this. >> what amazes me is, elon musk might have spent a little more time reading the first amendment and what it says because his immediate thing was this was a violation of the first amendment when it's as far as i can tell no government authority told twitter not to do something. it was amazing to me that all of these sort of fox news or whoever else jumped on this without ever fully understanding that it was basically meaningless what happened. and it actually turned out to be a good thing. >> laura: miranda.
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>> well, i guess maybe he doesn't understand that, if the fbi goes to twitter and instructs them or persuades them to pre bunk a new york post story, to pre censor it, then that is a violation of the first amendment. i do agree in one sense that elon musk did not release anything that was really useful when it comes to the fbi's intervention. and i wonder if that is because james baker is still there, and i assume that elon musk had to get his release of various documents cleared by twitter's lawyers before they went to matt taibi. so maybe twitter's lawyers only allowed one little e-mail from james baker that had all the identifying, the date, the time, all shown from it, which was interesting. and the other thing about james baker that we need to remember
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is that he also, between the fbi and twitter, went to work for the law fair blog which is attached to the brookings institution where a number of the 51 former intel operatives who signed that dirty letter, that dishonest letter saying that our story and hunter biden's laptop was a russian disinformation operation so he's connected to them as well. he is, jonathan turley called him the kevin bacon of russian collusion. >> laura: six degrees of separation of james baker. all right, they tried to deflect from the twitter revelations and i think miranda's right they need the raw data to come out. but they're doing it by saying trump is the guy who's anti constitution and one of the msnbc host this morning had a message for republicans. watch. >> here's the thing, like, for republicans, like, let's spell it out for you. why don't you write this down, okay? to terminate the constitution is
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to terminate america. donald trump is wrong, and i can no longer support him. at all, as a presidential candidate, as an american citizen. >> laura: that was the tameest of what she said. but what about that? like trump comes out and says, you know, looks like he was kind of doing it in jest but they can install me or have a new election. was that subverting the constitution? >> i'm not even following what her argument is here. i think what we have seen when we have the fbi working with big tech to censor americans, that is about against the constitution as you can get. it's a clear first amendment violation so i'm not understanding where she's going. >> laura: miranda i find it rich when democrats say we care about the constitution when they want to invent rights in the constitution that don't exist they want to eviscerate the second amendment. the first amendment means really knowing unless their views are the ones that are always pre eminent. suddenly you're against the constitution.
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you're the ones that think the guys that wrote it are racist. miranda close it. >> they're the best at projecting. they accuse you of the crimes that they commit themselves. if you want to know what the democrats are up to just look at what they're accusing the republicans of doing. >> laura: that's a good one. miranda and mike great to see you both. we spent friday night together, too >> harry and meghan prepare to unleash hell on the biden family and biden can't quite honor all the kennedy center honorees. raymond arroyo has the details. seen and unseen is next.
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♪ >> laura: it's time for our seen and unseen segment we explore the stories behind the headlines for that we turn to raymond arroyo author of the wisemen who found christmas. ray, the duke and duchess of sussex are on a war path aren't they? >> they sure are laura. in january harry's dropping that tell-all book but this week their netflix documentary drops which reveals much of their
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story line, their truth. >> no one sees what's happening behind closed doors. >> there was a war against meghan to suit other people's agendas. >> it's about hatred. it's about race. >> it's a dirty game. >> pain and suffering of women marrying into this institution, this feeding frenzy. >> i realized, they're never going to protect you. >> laura: i feel like i'm watching an episode of the crown there. >> meghan markle didn't cry this much at queen elizabeth's funeral okay? all they do is cry and cry. they're like the amber heard of the royal family. they hate what they can't quit. but it's always ugly laura when you've got entitled stars who are talking to millions of people, they've got millions and millions of dollars and they try to pass themselves off as the victim. in fact, tomorrow night, right here in new york city, they're receiving from the robert f.
7:38 pm
kennedy ripple of hope award for standing up against systemic racism in the royal family. >> laura: what? >> you can't make this stuff up. this is all timed with the documentary and the book. it's no wonder why prince charles won't take his calls anymore. there's more fakery and creepiness here than their dahmer movie on netflix. this shot purportedly showing harry and meghan hounded by the paparazzi. it's from the premier from the last harry potter movie laura before they were even together. >> laura: no it's not. >> the photographers confirmed it one of the guys in the shot. and this shot is when he was actually with another girl. >> laura: he looks kind of cute there. >> well, when you see the wide shot he's got ohhed girl next to him. and now i guess harry's going totally hollywood. in a new video, he's actually dressed as spiderman. you can't make this up laura. >> laura: wait. >> yeah, look. there he is. >> laura: oh brother. >> maybe he's auditioning. the marvel universe, he'll be
7:39 pm
the mr. royal or something. who knows. >> laura: ripple -- they're a ripple of tediousness and finality. this is the ripple award. what? >> if it's for duty they're the ripple of nope these two. >> laura: i'm just glad they're sacrificing while jetting off from their mont seat 0 home they have in they're sacrificing with regular people. harry isn't the only one dropping the mask joe biden saluted the kennedy center nominees. i sounded like biden there. kennedy center nominees. >> george clooney u2 gladys knight got perfectly fine tell prompter sa loose at the kennedy center before the event. then he got to christian singer amy grant. >> tonight we celebrate a truly exceptional, not an exaggeration, a truly exceptional group of artists.
7:40 pm
we see faith and light and amy grew and her christian songs are played on repeat in millions of homes across america. like the, like the greatest, she has -- i, i, i can't get over you, quite frankly. like the greatest, she writes songss from the soul. >> like the greatest do, i tried to play that five times even tried with closed captioning it says unintelligible. what's the over/under on him having heard any amy grant song at all. i don't think he's sitting around playing baby baby. maybe i'm wrong. >> laura: that just pains the elites in that room didn't it to hear that? you heard the clap, though, right? it was one clap. that was bad. >> no, no. well, if lawrence welk was one of the nominees he would have had a frame of reference but amy
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grant. the fbi attempting to censor the hunter biden laptop story and its contents, guess who attended the kennedy center honors with daddy? hunter biden laura. he does not miss a major white house event. when a reporter asked him about the laptop all they got was a smile and no response, just like the daddy. this administration i guess fails to see the problem of parading biden family members around. >> laura: got to hand it to them. >> and using the white house for introductions. it looks like influence peddling laura. >> laura: raymond china needs to see him out and about b china does not want to see hunter kept under wraps. you have to see him milling about with the millionaires to help china. >> the people at the macron state dinner, there was this moment most people didn't see. we played it but i think a lot of people didn't see it. watch this. >> when we walk to the table i'm going to walk you by my sister. >> we didn't see her?
7:42 pm
>> no. >> i follow you. >> and then he took him up for the introduction. this is so blatant, laura, before i go, actress kirstie alley tonight we learned from her children she's died of cancer at 71. golden globe winner, emmy award winner, cheers, look who's talking, a great loss and many are coming out saluting her in her passing. god rest her soul and certainly our prayers. >> laura: hannity and i talked about it at the top. she just made you belly laugh. she had a great delivery and was a huge gift to us and so we look at that and remember her. what an amazing talent raymond thank you. >> i agree. >> laura: last week anthony fauci was deposed over his role in colluding with big tech to censor any narrative group think. we just got our hands on the transcript, actual facts. details next.
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♪ >> is there a moment of your career that you wish you could do over? >> you know, um, yes mean no.
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>> laura: that's probably because he can't remember at this point. we got our hands on the 359 page transcript of fauci's seven hour dep 0 with the attorneys general of missouri and louisiana. now during that deposition, he said, i don't recall 174 times t when he was asked about his own e-mails. now that doesn't even include all the times he said i can't recall and i don't remember. that's even a lot more. now, remember, the one thing he does remember is sending dr. clifford lane, one of his deputies on a who delegation to china in february of 2020 to see how they were handling covid and, boy, were they amazed. dr. lane was very impressed about how the chinese were handling the isolation, the contact tracing and the building of facilities to take care of the people. he also said that lane reported back from the trip that china learned lessons about
7:49 pm
controlling the virus that they wanted to share with us. fauci was on the angle at the exact same time the who delegation was over there getting information from their chinese pals. >> so you're satisfied with all of the transparency coming out of china today about the trajectory of the disease and the origin of the disease? >> laura, i cannot say that i am satisfied with every single bit of information. but i can tell you that i can believe what they're telling me. >> laura: you know, that was something else he couldn't recall, whether or not he spoke about the origins of the virus in february of 2020. well, we played that clip, i don't know, how many times on the angle? so i hope he's watching now, maybe it will jog his memory. joining me now is ben, fox news contributor and editor at large at the spectator and victor davis hanson senior fellow at the hoover institution. ben i had him on the angle i thisity twice. shocking he didn't come back on
7:50 pm
again but the china question, i don't know why i felt i had to ask that in february but it was revealing. >> look, i think, laura after looking at that interview clearly the scientist spoke and anthony fauci is perfect so we have to accept that to deny it would be engaging in dangerous misinformation about the level of service he has offered us as a country. no, dr. fauci of course has denied at every stage any kind of responsibility for decisions that he was repeatedly a critical actor in making and i think that all the hell ballou around him and all the propaganda that we saw from the left propping him up even as so many questions were being lodged by legitimate sources, americans who were just raising, i think, very serious, and what turned out to be significant questions about the level that we could trust what china was saying, the level of competence that we had and the conclusions that in so many ways were affecting our lives.
7:51 pm
it's really disturbing to look at someone, a bureaucrat unelected person, no someone responsible or responsive to any kind of voter have that kind of power over our lives and now at this point have complete ability to deny any responsibility that he had for the decisions made. >> laura: no, he doesn't want any do-overs on anything. fauci was also asked about a february 2020 phone call he had with his deputy at the nih. now the subject of the call was the specifics about the nih's ties to the ecohealth alliance peter dash acc's group. he said i wanted to be briefed on the scope of what our collaborations were and the kind of work we were funding in china. i wanted to know what the nature of that work was. i didn't like the fact i was completely in the dark about the totality of the work that were being done. victor, we've been asking the nih about this phone call for over a year and had heard
7:52 pm
nothing. are we to believe tony fauci knew nothing about the gain of function research being done at the behest of the ecohealth alliance with a grant from the nih from wuhan. >> i think even his redacted e-mails knew that's not true he knew all about it. and i think the paranoia that he had in insisting to almost the present day that the virus originated in the wild shows that. and we have now all these articles by new york -- former new york times science writer nicholas, peter quay's book, the latest by dr. huff and the con sen us sus as he knows now the virus likely originatedd in wuhan and part of the problem is it's so huge it's staggering the truth it's existential in the sense that did the united states give money through the nih and dr. fauci's institute that the
7:53 pm
national institute of virology and rout it through echo health to avoid that it was not legal in the united states and that ended up in wuhan under the control of the people's liberation army and had some role in contributing to this virus that's infected 800 million people, probably double that if we had the accurate figures, and killed over 70 million? that's such a staggering thing to even comprehend that bee don't know what to do with it. >> laura: right. >> and he's a deer in the headlights figure now, the james comey with 245 times comey couldn't remember, the same trajectory these people are unwinding before our eyes because their culpability is so enormous we can't comprehend anybody with that responsibility would be so reckless and he knows that. >> laura: they have to be held accountable. ben, during his deposition he was asked if he knew anybody who works in social media, after a number of responses he revealed
7:54 pm
that his daughter used to work as a software engineer at twitter. well, they take care of their own and it's all kind of intertwined. twitter was where they were banning people and shadow banning. >> as a conspiracy theory this wouldn't even work on a tv show. whether she had anything to do with that or not certainly we have to question the amount and the role dr. fauci had in every case in the way social media shifted and charged this debate in ways that we are only just now learning about for the first time as elon musk has started to unspool these things before our eyes. >> laura: scale 1-10, ten being how important it is to hold these people accountable. our favorite inmate gets the longer sentence, the last bite explained. ♪ in the permian basin by 15%. and we're projected to reach 1 million barrels
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>> you're currently leading the
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pack among 2020 contenders. >> you're doing a hell of a job i don't think you're in this for money. >> all of my sexual fantasies involve handcuffs. >> greg: oh my god. avenatti will soon live out those fantasies after pleading guilty to wire fraud he's just been sentenced to 14 years, pour one out for avenatti tonight. gutfeld next. ♪ ♪ >> greg: oh, boy. here we go. yeah, yeah! happy monday everybody. it's the last friday with the help of journalist matt tiabi elon musk revealed how facts were suppressed on twitter in order to swa


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